Have printer – will travel:

When a national tyre manufacturer and distributor had an identification problem that needed solving they turned to us for a solution.

The Challenge:

Already a client, using our printers to produce labels for product identification so they could track their goods through their manufacturing, storage and dispatch processes before being delivered to a nationwide dealer network, the client was challenged with keeping track of their wide range of tyres that were being both delivered and collected by their fleet of vehicles.

The fleet of vehicles, 19 in total, delivered tyres to a network of depots throughout the UK. At the same time, the drivers would also collect unwanted returned tyres, tyres that required repair or tyres that were being claimed against under manufacturers warranty. The process of manually recording all the details required was extremely time consuming and identification was very difficult. Details included name of depot from where collection took place, date, time, and reason eg, returned, repair or claim.

Due to the excellent working relationships that had already been established between us, the client approached us to ask if we could offer a solution.


After consultation, the client agreed to trial a printer with remote keyboard that was mounted into the cab of the vehicle allowing it to be operated by the driver. Power for the printer was supplied via an inverter that was connected to the vehicles electrical system. Various label formats were then downloaded to the printer memory that could be easily accessed by the driver using the remote keyboard. Due to the high temperatures that can occur in the vehicle cabs during the summer months, it was recommended that a substitute label material be used from the tyre labels used in the production process. Tyre labels have a very aggressive adhesive and the tendency to bleed in hot conditions so it was decided to use a high tear resistant label that used no adhesive in order to eliminate any potential problems.

Now, all the driver had to do when he arrived at a depot was simply select the appropriate label format and enter the amount of labels required, then press print. In a matter of seconds the labels were produced and attached to the tyres. This greatly reduced the time spent at each depot and eliminated the need for filling in endless paperwork. Importantly, not only did this bring benefit to the process for collection of the tyres, but on return to the factory when the tyres were unloaded, each tyre was clearly identified with the appropriate information enabling them to be processed much more efficiently.

The client was so impressed with the outcome of the solution we offered that they purchased an additional 18 printers and keyboards, one for each vehicle in their fleet.

So, if your company is facing a challenge when it comes to labeling or identification give us a call so that we may offer a solution because that’s what we do for a living.



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